SaltGate Global


SaltGate Global is a leading sustainable infrastructure firm focused on clean energy and climate solutions, urban innovation, sustainable mining, and agribusiness innovation.

Headquartered in Canada, with a presence across the US and Africa, we develop and execute forward-thinking strategies that enable us to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.


We create and execute strategies aimed at building out clean energy infrastructure.

Curbing greenhouse gas emissions; putting jurisdictions back on a path to net-zero carbon emissions.

Powering sustainable urban infrastructure through markets and public-private partnerships.

Minimizing the negative impacts of mining on social and environmental systems through digital innovation.

Harnessing innovation to transform food systems; striking the right balance between food security and sustainability.

We bring the right partners to the table to help companies on financing and the deployment of innovative clean energy.

From strategy and planning to legal and regulatory compliance to socioeconomic and financial analysis, SaltGate Global has successfully provided technical and financial advisory services to help clients decide how best to structure both domestic and overseas projects. We have developed deep relationships with the clients that we have been honored to serve.

With an experienced team of specialists with expertise in techno-economic analysis, financial modeling, business development, engineering, clean energy solutions, urban systems, and sustainable infrastructure, we produce business plans and investment solutions that move the needle on critical projects.