Services & Expertise

SaltGate Global is a leader in developing and executing forward-thinking strategies for sustainable infrastructure in four key areas: clean energy and climate solutions, urban innovation, sustainable mining, and agribusiness innovation.


Innovation in transport, power, gas, water, and waste management systems remains key to shaping the livability, sustainability, and economic vitality of cities.

Clean Energy & Climate Solutions

Building out clean energy infrastructure is critical for curbing greenhouse gas emissions and putting jurisdictions back on a path to net-zero carbon emissions.

Sustainable Mining

Digital innovation and climate-smart mining will minimize the social, environmental, and climate footprint of the entire value chain.

Agribusiness Innovation

Harnessing innovation in agribusiness to transform food systems is important for sustainability and food security.



We boast an experienced team of specialists with expertise in techno-economic analysis, financial modeling, business development, engineering, clean energy solutions, urban systems, and sustainable infrastructure. Integrity is embedded in everything we do.


We leverage data analytics and bring the right partners to the table; this approach has consistently aided our ability to power long-term sustainable infrastructure and urban innovation solutions through markets and public-private partnerships.


Quality is the hallmark of our firm. We have proudly and successfully served various clients, built enduring partnerships, created impactful results, and delivered investment solutions that moved the needle on critical projects.